TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

TPO roof systems are highly reflective therefore reduce amount of energy required to maintain cool building environments. TPO is comprised of three layers – a TPO polymer base, a strong polyester-reinforced fabric center, and a tough thermoplastic polyolefin compound top ply. TPO is available in seamless 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ widths, white-gray or tan. Standard thicknesses are 45 millimeters and 60 millimeters (72 mil and 80 mil extra thickness).

Mechanically Fastened TPO
Mechanically fastened TPO begins with insulation fastened to the substrate. TPO membrane is then mechanically fastened through the insulation into roof deck. Adjoining membrane sheets are overlapped and joined together by hot air welds.

Adhered TPO
Adhered TPO begins with insulation mechanically attached or adhered to the roof deck. Membrane and substrate are both then coated with adhesive, and the membrane is rolled into place. The seams are then hot-air welded to form a monolithic assembly. With a TPO roof from Johnson’s Roofing, you will have the option of a 10, 15, or 20 year warranty.

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